Silkgut Strings - Shop

Silkgut is a synthetic gut string chosen by Salvi especially for their Start & Play Range and can be found on the Juno, Mia, Titan & Hermes harps.

This lever harp string is made of synthetic material and stretches less than standard gut strings therefore allowing the string to stays in tune for longer periods of time and causes less breakage. This synthetic material has been formulated to replicate the tone quality of natural gut strings this creates the ideal string for the beginner harpist. 

Mia, Titan & Hermes - 1st & 2nd Octaves Silkgut

(3rd - 5th Octave can be either Lever Silkgut or Lever Gut)

Please check the type of strings used on your harp when purchasing your harp from your chosen Harp Shop. If you are not sure about the type of string used on your harp, please contact us for further assitance.