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Our next harp servicing event in Newport, Gwent with our Salvi, Lyon & Healy Technicians Billy & Brad Hornby will be.......

Summer 2024 - Dates to be Announced

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Harp Service Request Form

To be added to our Harp Servicing List and notified of our next servicing event please complete our Harp Service Request Form. We have a variety of technicians on our database. By completing this form we will be are able to match you the correct person. 

Harp Servicing Events take place at our Showroom in Newport, South Wales 3-4 times a year

Harp Service Request Form
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about Harp Servicing

Regular maintenance by a qualified professional technician is invaluable to maintaining the mechanism of your harp. Just like a car, a harp needs to be serviced in order to prevent problems. In the long run this could save you money! 

Depending on how often your harp is played, we reccomend the following:

  • Professional Harpists - Once Every 12 Months              
  • Semi Professional  - Once Every 2 Years                 
  • Students - Every 2½ Years

Our main technician is William Hornby who is based in the UK. Billy began his musical journey at Bow Brand and worked his way up to Production Manager. He has a full understanding of the structure of strings and was also responsible for developing the Bow Brand Concedo strings for lever and pedal harps.

Billy studied and trained at the Salvi factory in Italy and with Lyon & Healy at their factory in Chicago. He is in high demand across the British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia and South Africa. Billy is highly qualified in his field and is a proud member of the Salvi, Lyon & Healy Guild of Technicians.

Brad, Billy’s son, is following in his father’s footsteps and has already begun his training with Salvi. Soon he will be starting his training in Chicago. Brad hopes to specialise in woodwork repairs and restoration. We wish him every success in his training.

The technician will firstly check over your harp and analyse the sound and the mechanism. He will check the pedals and ask you if you have any problems or concerns with your instrument and will advise you accordingly.

The pedal felts will be changed, pedal springs greased, and the pedals adjusted. A full regulation of the mechanism follows with each string in all three pedal positions being checked, analysed and adjusted to re-align the mechanism to rid your harp of buzzes.

If any strings or parts need replacing this will be carried out. If there are any major problems with your harp, we will call you before carrying out any further repairs.

Depending on the condition of your harp, a service usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours. 

We know it can be difficult to change the bass wire stings on your harp so this is something which can be done during the service. It is important to maintain these as most of the sound generated from the harp is due to the quality of the bass wire strings.

Billy servies all Salvi, Lyon & Healy Harps. He is also able to service Pilgrim, Teifi, Camac, Horngacher and Obermayer, Please contact us if you have another make  and we will check if Billy is happy to service your instrument or we can give you details of another technician who may be able to help.