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Professional Lever Harp Range

SALVI UNA 38 String Lever Harp

Lightweight and portable, the new 38-string Una features a sophisticated and captivating Celtic design. Its unique Silkgut® Copper strings containing copper powder from 4th octave B to 5th octave D remove any musical “jump” from wire to non-wire strings, and lend to the Una’s indulgence of rich tones and deep bass.

Technical Information:

  • Height: 136.5cm
  • Width: 78cm
  • Weight: 11.6 KG (25.5Ib)
  • Soundboard Width: 33cm
  • Range: 38 Strings - 1st Oct C - 6th Oct A
  • SilkGut Lever Strings
  • Silver Levers
  • Soundboard: Fiemme Valley Red Spruce
  • Supplied with: Indoor Cover, Tuning Key & Lever Regulation Kit
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 3 Years

Reccomended Extras:

  • Padded Travelling Cover with Built in Wheels



Below are Examples of the Standard Finishes Available on the Una

Special Orders are Avaiable and are subject to a Deposit. Additional Charges Apply