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    SALVI ELECTRA PREMIUM CG 47 String Electroacustic Pedal Harp

    The new Salvi Electra features  individual string pickups plus a 48th pickup for the soundboard itself.  The electronics of the Electra then takes care of mixing the strings for a faithful listening experience across all the harp’s range.  The natural, clean sound from each string is transmitted from one output from the harp through the Electra’s interface, which may be sent to a mixer, to a sound engineer or simply to a personal amplifier.

    Technical Information:

    • Height: 185cm
    • Width: 99cm
    • Weight: 38.6 KG (85Ib)
    • Soundboard Width: 55cm
    • Range: 47 Strings - 0 Oct G - 7th Oct C
    • Standard Gauge Pedal Gut Strings
    • Soundboard: Fiemme Valley Red Spruce
    • Supplied with: Indoor Cover, Tuning Key, String Cutters, Spare Pedal Caps & Leather Toole Bag. Set of XLR Cables
    • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Years
    • Exclusive to The Harp Studio - Half Price Service Voucher Valid for 1 Year from Date of Purchase

    Reccomended Extras:

    • Full Set of Padded Transport Covers
    • Trolley - 2 Wheel
    • Trolley - 6 Wheel Stairclimber 



    The Electra Premium is available in a Ebony Gloss Finish with a Blue Soundboard and Rainbow Finish

    Special Orders are Avaiable and are subject to a Deposit. Additional Charges Apply

    Ebony Sheen

    Ebony Sheen



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    Electra Premium
    Electra Premium
    Electra Premium
    Electra Premium
    Electra Premium
    Electra Premium

    Reccomended Extras

    Full Set of Padded Transport Covers

    Padded Covers

    Six Wheel & Two Wheel Trolley