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Play it the way you want to. Innovative use of a base, stand or a strap allows you to play the Delta sitting or mobile, making it versatile for rehearsals, classes, studios and stages of any size.

The Delta puts together centuries of traditional craftsmanship into a solid body with cutting-edge audio technology for a professional sounding instrument with smooth playability.

Introducing the DELTA

DELTA Technical Information

  • Length: 116cm
  • Weight: 6.5 KG (14.3Ib)
  • Soundboard Width: 33cm
  • Range: 29 Strings - 2nd Oct C - 6th Oct C
  • Delta Harp Strings
  • Frequency Range - 65,41 - 1046.5 Hz
  • Connectivity: 1 Audio Jack
  • Supplied with: Padded Cover, Strap, Base, Tuning Key. Other Accessories available
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 3 Years


DELTA String Chart


The standard finish on the Delta is Matt Black


DELTA Image Gallery