Lyon & Healy

Premium Pedal Harp Range

LYON & HEALY STYLE 11 GOLD 47 String Pedal Harp

A romantic harp designed by Lyon & Healy in 1919, the Style 11 is characterized by a classic Art Nouveau motif of fluid vertical lines, flowers and vine tendrils which are hand-carved into the Hard Maple column, base and feet. The harp is hand-gilded with 23+ karat gold leaf and burnished to highlight the intricacies of the hand-carved wood. Soft floral decoration accents the extended soundboard which also features a double Rosewood inlay along the edges.

Technical Information:

  • Height: 191cm
  • Width: 99cm
  • Weight: 38KG (83Ib)
  • Soundboard Width: 55cm
  • Range: 47 strings Above 1st Oct. G - 7th Oct. C
  • Pedal Gauge Strung
  • Soundboard: Pacific Northwest / Northern Midwest Sitka Spruce
  • Supplied with: Indoor Cover & Tuning Key 
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Years


Below are Examples of the Standard Finishes Available on the Style 11 Gold

Special Orders are Avaiable and are subject to a Deposit. Additional Charges Apply